brokenbuchanan asked: "Don’t touch me." 



         River’s hand reeled back. The girl hadn’t even realised what she was doing.

                 ”You wear pain like a cloak.” Her voice was barely above a murmur.



Again, something the asset was ill-prepared to react to. After a moment of tense silence, he allowed his eyes to drift away from the girl, settling somewhere on the ground. “I don’t know anymore.”

     River pursed her lips, her eyes still settling on the strange man. His mind was practically screaming in its inner turmoil. “Maybe we can give you a name.”


  ”       Shh. You keep talking but you’re not saying anything. 
                              What’s the frequency?”


    Positioned behind the wall of a crypt, River watched the fight intently. It wasn’t until the young woman had won that she stepped out, her bare feet making barely a noise on the grass of the cemetery. 

                   ”Just dust on the wind now.
                Particles of the dead. Dead for too long.”

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